The diverter is a valve that directs water from the tub faucet up to the shower head. When the diverter is open, water comes out the tub faucet because there’s no pressure to send it up to the shower head. When the valve is closed, it blocks off the tub faucet, which creates pressure and forces the water up to the shower head. Simple enough, and most of the time it works very well.

However, like most things, as the diverter ages it starts to get worn out. Parts such as the stem screw and washer can affect the ability of the valve to close all the way. If the diverter can’t close all the way, it won’t create as much pressure, meaning you’ll get a weaker shower flow and water will still leak out of the tub faucet. Sediment build up can also affect the function of the dirverter valve.

So what can be done? Fixing the diverter can be done by yourself, though if you’re not too handy it might be a better idea to contact a Baltimore plumber. Remove the cap from the faucet handle and loosen the screw. “To take out the valve, unscrew the valve assembly from the nut located on the stem. Remove the stem screw and washer.” You can then use a small wire brush and vinegar to remove any sediment that has built up. Next, let it dry and then put the diverter back together, make sure it’s working properly, and reinstall it.


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